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Slot Book of Ra Jackpot Edition

The Slot Book of Ra Jackpot Edition is one of the series of the Novomatic that has been in existence for a very long time. The concept of the book of Ra deluxe has shown so much success throughout the five series of its invention.

It has, over time, registered improved features and consequently attracted a greater audience. The original Slot Book of Ra had very simple and straight forward features. There were no free spins, free games, and free bonuses to talk about. However, it has witnessed great progress over the years, with plenty of bonus prospects to spice it all up.

Slot Book of Ra Jackpot Edition Overview

boof of ra logoThis version of the book of Ra deluxe comes with a progressive jackpot, free spins, and free games. Overall, this slot machine has the potential to do so many things. The slot book of Ra Deluxe was released on the 15th of March 2017. Just like other types of the book of Ra deluxe, the theme is about an archeologist and the ancient Egyptian riches. It is, therefore, not so new per se.

This version of the book of Ra deluxe is moderately volatile. The storyline has remained the same, putting together pieces of an ancient puzzle in a book to find Pharaoh’s treasure. The game is animated and has soothing music on the background to keep you relaxed and focused.

Jackpot Edition Gameplay

jackpot book of raThe game comes with free bonuses and other extra winning possibilities. The free spins, free bonuses and the free games will give you the motivation you need to keep playing the game. In the beginning, one payable’s high or medium-paid icons will be chosen as the special expanding symbol.

You can juggle for a win by picking the red and black cards. Free games will actually give you ten free spins, and the special expanding symbol will fill up the whole reel wheel it shows up.

The ultimate goal of the book of Ra deluxe jackpot edition is to track down Pharaoh’s treasures. The ancient game is played using five reels, ten play game engine, and has a couple of free spins that ultimately improve your chances of getting free bonuses. You can comfortably play the game online; be at the comfort of your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

You can as well make use of the online tutorials to help you learn through the ropes. It is safer to play the game online at the slot machines of the casinos. If you found fun in playing the previous book of Ra deluxe, then you will certainly enjoy playing the jackpot edition.


Slot book of RAThis game is ideal for the Novomatic slot machine, and there are so many options to keep you glued throughout the gaming period. The desert trek will particularly make the experience so memorable. It does not matter the kind of symbol you settle for. The special expanding symbols will definitely move to fill up the reels. This brings you closer to getting a bonus.

In the online based games and free spins, some of the symbols have been decorated using gold coins. The symbols are kept in a treasure chest whenever they land. Each landing may just earn you an extra bonus and consequently move you an inch closer to your ultimate victory.

You can always play the book of Ra deluxe for free. However, if you want to make some real money, you will definitely have to spend some money.

The free games and the free spins should give you enough confidence to take the risk. The game has plenty of free bonus to bolster your chances of winning.

It is ideal that you play it on the online gaming platforms. The online atmosphere is more relaxed compared to the slot machines at the casinos. The book of Ra deluxe jackpot edition offers so much online fun and adventure and some bonus, of course.

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