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Slot Book of Ra Deluxe 6

The book of Ra deluxe 6 is about a mysterious adventure around the royal burial places and six reels. The player will be searching for Pharaoh’s gold mine. He will be using the Ra’s book.

The ultimate aim of this game is to find five matching symbols juxtaposing each other along the win lines.

The moment the pattern moves from the left to the right, then you have won. It has interesting features, such as free spins and free bonus opportunities to explore. Novomatic owns its license.


book of ra paylineThe slot book of Ra deluxe 6 offers you the latest gaming options in the slot series of book of Ra. Book of Ra deluxe 6 comes with nice features such as free spins, gambles, free bonuses, and special expanding scatter symbols.

If you have played the previous versions of the Slot Book of Ra, you should be able to recognize the features of the again, even as it uploads. The slot book of Ra deluxe has been designed to give you a new and more interesting experience.

You should not be worried about how to play the new version of the book of Ra deluxe. The book of Ra deluxe has the same features as its predecessors.

If you enjoyed playing the previous book of Ra deluxe, then this experience will not be any different.

Both sides of the reels have a giant stone column and the stone wall covered in some puzzling hieroglyphics hidden behind the reels. The dim lighting of the room gives it a very relaxing feel.

Moreover, there are special expanding symbols that will keep you awake throughout the entire game.

All the special expanding symbols have their unique values, with the most valuable symbol being the archaeologist. There is also a freestyle slot for you. However, if you want real money, then you must commit some money!

How to Play Book of Ra Deluxe 6

The book of deluxe 6 comes with five reels and twenty-five pay lines. First, you must set your coin value and your line bet. The slot machine has a control panel at the bottom of the screen to help you do this. The slot machine is simple to understand and use.

Therefore, you run a very low risk of losing your bet unnecessarily and earn a bonus instead. You are, however, free to make your choices. The Book of Ra deluxe 6 is an opportunity to be creative.

Winning Strategy

book of ra deluxe 6To win the game much easily, you will need to form matching combinations on the reels. You can also invoke the bonus features to bolster your chances of winning by earning a bonus.

You are advised to look for the scarab beetle and the sarcophagus as some of the main features that can boost your luck with this game. Be free to experiment with all the possible win scenarios using the free gaming option that the book of Ra deluxe 6 offers.

This game has a few bonuses that can also better your chances of winning. Some of them are:

Sixth Reel: Just click the button written ‘Extra Bet,’ and you would have added the sixth reel. The reel will double your chance of winning the game and possibly gives you a free bonus.

However, it is good to be informed that the sixth reel adds more risk to the game as much as it improves your odds. It is, therefore, an option that is best suited for those who do not have a fixed amount of cash to play with when dealing with the book of Ra deluxe 6.

Free Spins

free spinsThe free spins bonus round can be triggered by getting three Scatter symbols on the reel.

If you do this successfully, you will get ten free spins automatically paid up, and an expanding symbol will pop and take up three places on the reel just before this materializes.

This way, you will be better placed to win big.

If you are playing this game for the first time, then you could try the free games online option first. Free games allow you to make costless mistakes and learn from them. You can also take this time to know how to make a free bonus.

Playing Book of Ra Deluxe 6 Online

screenshot book of raFor those who are better off playing online, you are equally sorted. This game has been made for all the online devices, be it mobile or tablet gadgets.

Should you decide to play online, your experience will be equally great. The game’s online optimization only means that you will play smoothly.

With the rapid advancement in technology, online gaming could be the future. Online games are very convenient and cost-effective with better chances of being awarded a bonus.

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